Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Hungarian Goulash Lentils

Hungarian Goulash with brown and wild rice

6 1/2 cups of water
1 onion, diced
1 bell pepper (green or red), diced
1 stalk celery diced
2 carrots, diced
2 cups mushrooms chopped

2 cloves garlic, minced
1 teaspoon dried oregano
3 to 4 teaspoons paprika
1/2 teaspoon caraway seeds
1/2 teaspoon black pepper
1/2 teaspoon salt (optional)
6 small chopped dates or 2 Tablespoons brown sugar (optional)

1 lb. (about 2 1/3 cups) dried lentils
2 bay leaves
1 Tablespoon vinegar
1 6 oz. can tomato paste or 8 oz. tomato sauce

In a large pot, saute' onion, bell pepper, celery, carrots and mushrooms in 1/4 cup of water about 10 minutes. Add 2 tablespoons water, the garlic, oregano, paprika, caraway seeds, black pepper, salt and sugar and cook one minute longer. Add the remaining water, lentils, bay leaves, vinegar and tomato paste. Mix well and cook, covered, over low heat until lentils are very tender, about one hour.

Remove the bay leaves and serve over rice.

Pressure cooker instructions: Cook under pressure for 12 minutes. Allow pressure to release naturally.

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