In October 2013 my husband and I radically changed our way of eating from the Standard American Diet (SAD) to a healthy Whole-Food Plant-Based diet (WFPB). We have realized so many benefits from cutting out animal products and vegetable oils that we have made this a permanent lifestyle change.

This blog focuses on vegetables, fruits, legumes, potatoes and whole grains all prepared without oil, and little salt or sugar. I started this blog as a way to organize information and recipes.

Once it becomes a habit, cooking whole plant foods without oils can be extremely easy and enjoyable.  After a couple of weeks of eating this way, the palate adjusts to appreciate the natural flavors of food. I encourage everyone to eat more plants and enjoy better health!

I lost 50 pounds!

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EatPlant-Based - Terri said...

Thanks so much for including our website in your resources. Your story to health is so encouraging! Plants for the WIN!

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